Paramount Consulting and Engineering,LLC - Solutions for all your Building Envelope Needs


Since our founding in 2010, Paramount Business Envelope Consulting and Engineering, LLC (PCE) has become synonymous with "SOLUTION". Expanding on our core services of expert building envelope design, consulting, testing and inspection for roofing, waterproofing & glazing services by adding structural design and threshold inspections, PCE has become an invaluable asset to our clients in Miami.

In a relatively short time, and in a struggling economy, we have been contracted to work on over 150 projects ranging from luxury high-rises to single family residences located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and The Palm Beaches. This success is a result of our understanding of what our clients are really looking for, be they developers, architects, general contractors, property managers, attorneys or homeowners: not only do we help identify problems with the design or construction of building envelope components, but we also work diligently with the project teams, including designers, contractors and subcontractors, to find the most correct and economically viable fix to these problems.

Glass and glazing: our knowledge and working experience in the evolution of hurricane resistant codes in South Florida allows us to provide a dependable service to our clients when selecting glazing system products and materials that best support their project needs aesthetically, monetarily and structurally, in an industry sector which is a world leader in hurricane and moisture protection design of glazing systems. Our portfolio includes:

- Structural design of new glazing systems.
- Product Control Approval (NOA) documentation including test proposals, product drawings and structural calculations.
- Permit package preparation including shop drawings and calculations.
- Special inspection of glazing systems per FBC requirements.
- Consulting review of glazing shop drawings and calculation packages verifying compliance with local Codes, contract documents and applicable industry standards.
- Field water and air infiltration testing of glazing systems per AAMA and ASTM test standards.

Roofing and Waterproofing: Having worked as forensic consultants on numerous highrises, condos and homes has allowed us to identify what works and what can be missing from moisture protection design for pool decks, planters, parking garages, expansion joints, interstitial spaces, roofs and terraces. Early detection of potential problems and incorporation of solutions into the design documents results in savings of money, time and the invaluable reputation of our clients. We incorporate ASTM and AAMA standardized test methods when conducting leak investigations to recreate rain events thus finding the exact source (or sources) of the reported leaks, allowing us to provide recommendations on products, details and specifications which are project specific and budget conscious.

Exterior walls: From portland cement stucco and paint, to stone, wood and other architectural veneers, our involvement in projects has provided the know-how and consideration towards water infiltration resistance of walls maintaining the aesthetic appeal desired by architects, and the structural integrity required by Codes. Of primary concern is the interaction between exterior vertical wall systems and the adjacent glazing systems and horizontal surfaces. Proper selection of transition details and materials is vital as the majority of leaks in existing buildings are found at these areas.